Welcome to my web portal !

I am ‘Fetra Odilson’,

an English-French-Malagasy Translator.

Are you looking for a linguist capable of crafting natural-sounding English/French/Malagasy translation ?

Do you need high-quality content to enhance your company’s success on an international scale ?

You are in the right place !

I translate content that help you reach your French and/or Malagasy-speaking audience in the most effective way possible.

I take an individual approach to every project being assigned to me as a translator :

After a thorough assessment of your source content and audience, I will make sure to gather all necessary references before handling the linguistic part of the job. 

With the entire document fully processed, I will assess the quality and consistency of my deliverables (proofreading) before hitting the « send » button.

‘Need help with Malagasy-English-French translation? I am here to assist you!

You can email me at fetra.odilson@gmail.com or phone me (especially for urgent need) at +261 34 80 292 11.